Rochelle's Salon and Spa - Vida y muerte 2016

Vida y Muerte 2016 Hair show competition 

New Mural by Aztec Smurf

Tania Torres, owner of Luna Culture Lab, had a mural commissioned on the wall behind the building.  The mural was created by local artist named Aztec Smurf, whose intent was to create a mural that would pop off the walls with its bright color scheme.


Trump Card

Trump Card, an art show challenging hateful political rhetoric.

Chingona Soles Runway

Chingona Soles Runway 

Toxic Love

An art exhibit exploring toxic detachment.

Featuring artists: Elizabeth Toledo, Noreen Ayonayon, Lupita Medina Villa, Viva la Chicana

Chingona Soles - Blooming Expressions Flowers

Maria Regain owner of Blooming Expressions Flowers decorating the Chandelier for Chingona soles at Luna culture Lab.

Chingona Soles - De Novo Formal Dresses

Leticia Chavez owner of De Novo Formal Dresses preparing the runway show.

Vida y Muerte - Lalo Cota

Vida y Muerte – Arte, live entertainment & more.

Vida y Muerte - Such Styles

Vida y Muerte – Arte. live entertainment & more.

Vida y Muerte - Aztec Smurf

Vida y Muerte – Arte, live entertainment & more.