Origins Chapter II – Aztec Smurf

The purpose for the images that were created for this show was simply to provoke questions about the origins of ancient text descriptions of “visitors” or “saints”. The local artist, known as Aztec Smurf, was hoping these images could also be a catalyst for questioning the heavenly beings that brought the knowledge and messages to us humans. Through his own research and the need to know more about ancient knowledge, he began creating and seeing these images in his head. Along with the possibilities for all these stories of these ancient beings, or rather, saints and aliens, and their history.

Chingona Soles

Chingona Soles celebrates women in Phoenix through art. Artists, local celebrities, designers, community and business leaders will transform a black stiletto into a piece of art. Transformed stiletto are auctioned off to benefit a non-profit organization in the valley. In previous years, it has donated to Dress For Success and #WomenOfPhoenix. When the show was first launched in 2015, portraits of Phoenix Trailblazers and their mentees were displayed alongside the transformed stiletto; further demonstrating that Chingonas understand the value of passing on their knowledge to future generations.

In 2016, Chingona Soles art show featured 70 local artists,

Toxic Love

A one-of-a-kind art show that explored contemporary issues in the multicultural community.  The art exhibit brought to light the topic of toxic detachment from love and relationships through artwork and poetry.