Vida y Muerte

TMC’s annual “Vida y Muerte” event, which included art, a hair runway show, and live entertainment.  Those who attended the event were able to surround themselves with the wonderful creativity brought to them by all the participating hair salons, barber shops, and artists.


Election Night Watch Party

A watch party event where people were able to join Legislative candidates like: Rebecca Rios, Reginald Bolding, Jonathan Larkin, Mark Cardenas, Diego Espinoza and Ray Martinez. Attendees were able to enjoy free food, drinks and music as they watched election results unfold.

Grito de mujer

El movimiento Mujeres Poetas Internacional fue fundado en el 2009 en la Republica Dominicana por la escritora Jael Uribe, con el objetivo de promover la labor poetica de las mujeres que forman parte de este movimiento y que buscan darse a conocer a traves de la participación de proyectos conjuntos que les permitan desarrollarse en las letras.

Son creadoras de el FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE POESIA Y ARTE que cuenta con colaboradores en todo el mundo y se realiza cada año


La finalidad de el movimiento es realizar durante todo el mes de Marzo un homenaje a la mujer y un llamado de conciencia a la No violencia en contra de ella,

Toxic Love

A one-of-a-kind art show that explored contemporary issues in the multicultural community.  The art exhibit brought to light the topic of toxic detachment from love and relationships through artwork and poetry.

Trump Card

“They bring drugs. They bring crime.  They bring violence.”
These were the words spoken by Donald Trump when he announced his candidacy for the US presidency earlier this year – demonizing Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists and causing indignation among the Latino community in the country.
Luna Culture Lab challenged hateful political rhetoric when hosting the show “Trump Card” – a collaboration that represents the perspective of several artists who will question the stereotypes of hate directed at people of color by politicians, especially during this cycle elections.


A-Bomb: First Solo Art Show

Begining as a graffiti artist in one of Arizona’s toughest gang related neighborhods, A-Bomb has been creating works of all mediums from an early age. Beginning as a graffiti artist, A-Bomb suffered from the loss of vision in his left eye in 1996. While recuperating from his injury, he was required to lay face down for 3 months. It was during this time that he continued his artwork drawing sketches of his surrounding and the people who supported him and this art show included those works.